Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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I was searching the PS3 and happened upon their new CPU or cell chip. In the description they mentioned their use of the SPE. Interested I ran the search through Google and found several links related to synergistic processing. I have in the past looked through various sources for information on synergy in computers, usually related to parallel computing. The idea I get from this is this is a chip that is processor that consist of several dedicated processors working in parallel. I have checked out IBM to learn more. This PPC CPU apparently is a joint project, and shows some promise in the field of small dedicated chips. Along this same line I have looked into such items as small processors used for dedicated purposes. This seems more likely to me the direction of the future. The general purpose CPU based computers are not going to go anywhere, however I thik that as appliances become intelligent they will begin to use dedicated processors. A while ago I was looking at MIT's site to learn more about their technology. They seem to have a fairly good idea of the next generation of computing. Next generation systems will be based on distributed systems rather than individual computers. More and more appliances are coming with some type of processor built in. Each of these processors will be linked with a network fabric, and as the fabric grows, they will connect in new ways to create larger networks of data that will in itself generate more information for the network to process by each device.

This process has begun, but it will be several years before the change will be noticed. Most likely by the time it does take place, the average consumer (person) will not have known that it has taken place. They will still be watching TV and driving to work, daily order maintained, while they are interacting with their world which is constantly watching them. It will respond to their needs, and reform its reaction according to the vast amount of data it has accumulated.

Well anyways, my search has lead me down many roads, and it still doesn't answer any questions, but it does lead to many new questions. I will try to figure some of them out, maybe, but most likely will just keep asking questions that lead to new questions. The quest continues.

How the hell does this relate to my initial quest? Well I am not certain right now, but I started my search this morning I was looking to the new PS3 as a potential media server. Looking at it now, I realize it will not completely fulfill the query I had for it, but at least they are headed in the right direction. Not being a fan of Sony, I can't say they will be the ones to bring on the revolution, but I am certain they will have some part of it in the living room anyway.

Well on to other things, will update later...


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