Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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To add injury to the wound, I am currently searching for information on WIFI telephones that should supplant the cell phone. If all is given then with the addition of WIFI connections on every highway (part of the wired roadway project) and in all towns, the effective use of WIFI phones becomes the replacement for the home or mobile phone. This is a cordless type phone (could be as miniature as need be) that utilizes the WIFI network (either in your home or otherwise) to make IP type calls. When the WIFI network expands to include the entire roadway system (lamppost, signpost, etc) each using each other to function as repeater points, thereby creating a WIFI mesh, including individual homes, the WIFI access becomes the default. Cell phones then will either becomes so cheap that WIFI has to cut cost (fall out) or cell becomes unusable, as quality of WIFI is better and more access is available. These givens must account for services that are not entirely free, and in addition, there will need to be an IP version of 911, that can be universally implemented. WIFI phones will use instance to create network connection, with no location information other than bounce, and therefore automatic location information will not be available unless GPS/GIS technology is also integrated. This indicates that no one will use the WIFI network unless there is this type of service, and it can be secured.

I will continue to look into the use of the WIFI network for various applications, and their impact on the society. They may come, but unless they can be secured and utilized with some sort of familiarity, the acceptance will be low.

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