Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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Looking at some of the newest stuff available from the technology companies that showed at CES 2007, I see that at least one product HP's kitchen computer (Hewlett-Packard will attempt to replace the refrigerator as a home's primary message center with the introduction of the TouchSmart PC.), is making the jump from home office to home. My only bitch about the thing is that there is not't an Open Source version. HP is playing the lowest common denominator game with Windows, although in my work I see MS Windows as the bloatware that people insist on putting on top of really fast and exceptional programming and hardware. They should definitely develop for the MS platform, but really, lets keep in mind that by also supporting the Open Source community you support a model of innovation, not technological oppression. Ah but that is yet another subject for yet another day.

The computer is trying to make its way into all the rooms, and in some ways it has. I have over seen the installation of different types of units in many different locations, but mostly only in the living rooms or media rooms, with bedrooms and home office (den) being the most popular. With all the home automation installations I have done, most are not complete, and usually are for the purposes of security.

With all this I do believe that in the near future (three years +/- year) we should start seeing installations in all rooms, with new houses being wired with wireless networks designed to allow for device communications, and fiber in the walls. We have begun a few fiber in the walls installations, but there still seems some lag in the new housing market for new technologies that would bring about the change over to whole house networking. We are still in the commuter age, still in the automobile age, and yet to transfer to the tele-commuter age, although I am trying very hard to make that happen. I like to work on single projects that only require me to take a team to a site do the job quickly and move on to my own work from my remote office at home. The ridiculous idea that I should have to commute to an office every day to push papers to me is just a holdover from the 1950's when we needed to sell cars. Give me an example of what I cannot do from my remote location, at least as it pertains to the daily shuffle of the daily grind of office work. I can route calls through transferring the call from a central server at the providers location (where the call is transferred) to my remote location, look up the needed information through secure link to the database located in some remote secure location, and handle either a sales call, or a a technical call, by tapping into the various services and knowledge bases that are available to me all from the remote location. Oh yea person to person communication is great, and for this I have to continue to have a small portion of my office dedicated to visits from clients, but what if I could visit them, virtually, in their homes through virtual connections. Well of course there is a disconnection there, but for the daily grind stuff, the personal service is better served by me being in my remote location handling everything from where I am comfortable, rather than waiting for my shift to be over.

Office ghost towns...this article is coming.

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