Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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I have been content in the past to accept the virus and anti virus condition, as well as all the other malformed conditions on the internet. However in the light of the long journey that remains for technology, and the obvious relentless onslaught of viruses that will continue to be wrote by individuals and small rogue groups for the purposes of disrupting the general network, if only for a moment, I believe that something will have to be considered at some time in the near future.

There is no perfected answer, however there are several potential possibilities that will certainly limit the risk involved. To begin with the writing of more accurate software in the first place will greatly limit the amount of potential risk involved. Second the use of policies throughout the network requiring various types of security and security devices will greatly decrease the potential threat to the network. Having the availability of the kernel will greatly increase the ability of the security personnel to protect the network, as they will have better tools to specify the parts of the kernel that can be affected.

There will be more described as to the usability of this type of security on the kernel as I continue to research this subject.

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