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Personal Computers Being Pushed Aside In Japan
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So what is the PC to do now, roll over and die. Well some companies have done that, as IBM has sold its PC to another company (see Leveno) and others are still in denial that it is over with. The problem is that it is over with for the desktop PC sitting there doing nothing. Where the computer people have missed the boat is in the home networks. They should have been installing as default in new homes, whole house server networks. By this time every home should have a fiber backbone with a server closet somewhere near the rest of the utilities, and network cables pulled right along with the telco and tv cables. I have been in the structured wire business for several years as well as construction, and the builders lack the vision to see the advantage of the longer term business that could come from building the PC into the home. The PC people missed the boat as well. Right now the housing market is broke, it can't be fixed, it must finish this cycle, but when it returns those that are not on the network path will again get nothing. Think about all these thousands of homes that have been built in the last five years. The technology to build in has been here for at least that long, copper and fiber hasn't changed that much. They should have been pulling fiber backbones, and copper home runs and installing 802.11 antennas like smoke alarms. For the cost, it is cheap compared to what it will cost to do that to a standing structure. The builders missed the boat on that one. This is a on-going income, with constant upgrades and service contracts, they could be sitting out the housing bust just on the basis of keeping up with the new upgrade paths to bring these home networks up to date. In the next few years, not ten years, but in five or so years aware networks are going to be possible and although they will be installed in the new homes being built for the well off then, they will mean that others will have to pay premiums to have them installed in their previously built homes, because their builders were more concerned with getting out of the project than holding on to the service contracts.

Hell most builders could have subbed out the work, and sold the contracts and off set their losses they are receiving on housing market. That is the problem with builders, they lack vision. They are so concerned with getting shacks built at the highest potential profit they don't think about the potential for profit that could be had latter while the housing market which always cycles, cycles down. Maybe they are not the entire problem, but after having worked for over ten years with various builders in the new home business, and in the renovation business, I have found them to be quite lacking in vision, and unable to sell the customer on anything other than upgraded lights and windows, if even that. They are single minded people with one goal, build as many shacks as possible and get out of the contract as soon as possible, and hope the shit hole holds together long enough that the year contract they give the buyer expires before the windows start to leak or the basement starts to heave. If I seem a bit negative about the building industry it is only because I have seen the good and the bad, and the ugly, and there are more of the later two than of the first unfortunately. Don't believe me, ask some of your friends who have new homes built in the last five years, ask them now how they feel about their $250,000 home, maybe you all are lucky, but I am betting you are not, and the evidence is showing. I am now contracted by the owners of these homes to come in and fix the things that should have just been done right in the first place. I think in the pacific rim countries they will be seeing this first, and in the next article about the PC in the pacific rim it will be about making the computer server invisible to the user, and connecting their devices to the network. This is the goal, has been the goal, but it hasn't been the priority, it will be soon, and Japan will again lead the way.

I will be talking more about this soon, so keep checking in to find out more.


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