Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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I've been doing a lot of study onto air induction technology and how it relates to the internal combustion engine. Several technologies are well known and developed, especially for performance. For economy there is less developed, or at least less well known devices for which I have seen that many have at least as many problems as the performance devices have. A greatly over looked part of the equation is in fuel consumption based on the use of the device generally increases, because of the increase in performance, and cost of generating the force (mechanical cost). However most IC engine powered vehicles employ several technologies that already are under used that could be employed to increase both economy and in some cases performance.

One such overlooked area is in the cooling system of the IC engine. First it is generally understood that hotter fuel burns cleaner and better, so heating the fuel before it reaches the intake system will increase fuel economy. Second air forced into the intake under increased pressure will increase the efficiency of the IC engine in both areas of fuel economy and performance. One device all IC engines generally have (or at least most) is a cooling fan. This fan is generally ductless, either drawing air in from the front of the vehicle, or boosting the air coming in (either push of pull). In either case by utilizing ducting technologies the air could be compressed using currently available energy and diverted pre-heated to the intake to be mixed with the pre-heated fuel for even greater gains in fuel economy and a potential performance boost.

This will work with either carbureted or fuel injected IC engines, and would also increase the performance of boosted engines.

My research continues, and I will post more information here as I continue to develop and test various prototypes.


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