Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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I have been around technology all my life, and have been as awestruck by it sometimes as anyone. Sometimes I read about a particular technology that just stuns me with its simplicity and yet it does such wonderful things. In the case of the computer thi does not happen very often, but it has once or twice. However today I am going to talk about something that I have had in the back of my mind for quite some time now.

Water is the vital resource, that today is more often than not a danger to all those who would try to drink it. We must drink water to survive, but most of our water is contaminated with various chemicals and pathogens. What can be done about that? This is a question I have been asking myself for several years. Of course many other people have been asking that same question, and the solutions run the gamut from the highly complex to the most simple. Being the person that I am and my desire for the most appropriate solution to the problem, I have looked at most of them, with the conclusion being that with rare exception, most of them do not provide a solution to the problem, or only provide a partial solution, and at that they provide this solution at a cost that is prohibitive to their value.

Filtering systems do provide a solution, and with the new technologies in filtering systems, they can provide a very measurable mount of success, but they cannot provide for the human a quality of water that will solve the real problem with water that exist today.

Ancient societies all had water problems, and they often solved them with simple solutions that to some may have seemed inadequate, but for their technological advancement they were eloquent in both design and function. The fountain is a highly functional piece of technology that can provide great benefit to the water system. In that I have utilized a particular example of this in my gray water filtering system, that utilizes fountains and other types of water features that will produce the results that will provide for the solution.

But that is gray water, how do you solve the problem of the water coming into the system before it goes out. I believe I have found a solution to that as well. This also applies a form of an ancient technology, known as the vortex. I can not talk specifically about how the technology works, as the system I am referring to has particular protections on their technology application, but I can refer you to a place where you can find more information on the product and the technology behind it. Go to Original Living Water system to find out more. I will be providing you with further information about this technology in the future.

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