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Breaking: Google Is Polishing Off Chrome, Its New Web Browser - Google Blog - InformationWeek

New browser from Google, I think this could be one of the best things that they have done, but I still am searching for information from Google themselves. Checking out WebKit which is said to be what "Chrome" is based on. Interesting to me is that chrome is the name of the default CSS for Firefox web browser. The above article ask the question if this will affect Microsoft Internet Explorer, and that question can only be answered by the future, but my opinion is that Google has at least a chance, as they captured the search engine they quite likely will capture the browser, and then maybe the desktop. This of course has not been hinted at yet, although if you follow Google, you know they are aiming for that, and if they do that, they will then make a play for dominance of the Microsoft empire. As far as hurting Firefox or Opera, they only stand to gain from open source projects, and since Google is building an open source browser, I can't see where this will damage their projects. I do not think that either Firefox or Opera are trying to compete with MSIE, but that they are providing another choice for those that would search out the choice, even if MSIE did work. Especially Opera browser is not competition for MSIE, but a different choice, with much greater ability to customize the devices on which it will work. I have stated before that software will eventually land on the network, and when broadband becomes more distributed, that will be the way to go, but until the internet service providers get the point, web applications will still be only good for the broadband users.

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