Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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So far with Google's Chrome browser I have had several problems with it not recognizing my network. I have to re-start quite often and at this point I believe it is because Chrome was designed around a broadband connection not a dial up connection. Otherwise I really like the browser concept, and the way it operates. It provides an excellent front end for the desktop as well as for browsing the web. With integration that I am certain will come in time I think it could easily work with Google's other programs to develop an online type of computer, where users only need the basic operations and no applications. However at this time Google has not set up the browser online, it still requires your computer, so they have a ways to go in that area. In order for the web to be useful in respect as a fully integrated system usable by anyone, from anywhere, all the applications have to be accessible from the web and that includes the front end. All the device should have is basic networking hard wired to the ROM and some static memory chips that will allow it to cache some network data, but otherwise all interaction is web based. This is yet to come, but when it does, you will see minute computers and wrist watch communicators.

Of course I will be making my report to Google as I do with all beta programs. IN all I would say that it is good start and at least as good as any Google offering. Thankfully it is open source, so at least it will be quickly developed and any bugs fixed through the community. It will also spawn many innovative projects that will either work with the browser or offer alternatives. This is the point of open source community.

Keep up the good work everyone.

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