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Is Google’s Chrome All about Advertising? | Profy | Internet news and commentary

I am not sure what this guy is talking about, I will have to re-read this one a few times to get it I guess. Built in from the very beginning of Chrome was an integrated pop-up blocker. Just because it doesn't at this time really feature a control for the plug-in does not mean it does not exist. Remember Chrome is in beta, and as such many features that may be present may not be accessible as yet, and they may be removed yet.

Of course I do agree that advertising is part of the web, and that it should be, but there is good advertising models, such as unobtrusive text links, inline advertising (within reason) and the occasional banner or box ads that are appropriate. One thing that makes advertising bad is not understanding the customer, at least in this web formula. Google does a fairly good job at this and with time I thin they will get better at it, and we will all be able to live with their advertising and even find it helpful rather than intrusive.

If you are afraid of the search engines knowing about you, turn off your computer, stop using the Internet, and wear your tin foil hat, because that is what it is all about, and we should be thankful that they do. If you are afraid that the government will spy on you, they do, so give them something to think about, once in a while, just go to WebMD right after searching for sodium hydroxide, and then search for something like ice cream, they will spend a week trying to figure out how those three things are related.

For more on this look for some of my security blogs.

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