Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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cnet news

Cisco Systems, the world's largest maker of switches and routers that power the Internet, has taken another step toward becoming a major player in the consumer electronics market.

Cisco is the fiber to the internet, providing the switching technologies that have made the backbones of the internet possible. With their recent acquisition of a video component there is a large potential for them to make the home more interactive. My hope is that they can see the potential for this product, utilizing wireless technologies to build a robust self aware network, that can "see" would be a hue jump forward in enabling the internet to become far more usable by far more people. Although I am certain that many people would disagree. The internet fiber needs to be wireless, open and node based, to enable it to function as a service. If Cisco can open the channels through the home, and provide the switch fabric through 4G or even 5G wireless nodes, then not only would big brother be a potential, but so would a self aware network be a potential, either is a little scary, but you can't move forward if you live in fear.

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