Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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The death of hotels and conventions are a long way out, but not so long maybe. You know I hate traveling to all those conventions and meetings, so why not join the Virtual Meeting revolution. Being an advocate for "Second Life" I see a bright future for such services, not so much for entertainment purposes, although this too is a possible additive to their value, but as Virtual Convention Spaces, and Virtual Meeting spaces. I mean they have a long way to go yet, to drop the cartoon avatar interface and move into the web presence interface, but they got to start some where right. There is a lot of stuff going on in the field, like "Go To Meeting" and their ilk, but keep your eye on "Linden Labs", because I think if they really want to make a go of this thing they will start the process soon to move to a more professional level, like a built environment. They may need to contract with the current crop of developers like "Hilton", and other Hotel and Convention Developers, but if they did create a more professional space, one that was more controlled, they would definitely have a product that would be worth investment. Their current model just does not warrant the institutional money, but they may be on it, so keep your eye on their ball. Another player should be "Google" with their hat in the arena, but so far their experiment went down with the likes of "Google Notes" which was certainly a sad loss, but even there they lost because they lost what it could be as opposed to what it was. In the professional world security is key, if you can't provide at least the illusion of current security (anyone that knows me knows I don't believe in security past the moment you are discussing it), they can't get the solid customers that will entice the investment dollars needed to continue development.

That's something to look out for, but I don't know if the kids can grow up enough to realize their potential before the customer moves on beyond them.
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