Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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I happen to have acquired a blackberry curve from Verizon, through various channels. I am not interested in its cellular capabilities, or for that matter its functions at all, except that which they may serve my purposes. I am pretty certain that it has a WIFI receiver and transmitter built in, so that is my primary concern, that and the format of the sim card reader. I am looking to hack this unit to design a Linux kernel built palm computer that has wireless capability. The cellular capability may come in handy at a later time, as well as blue tooth, but for now I am looking to wipe the current programing, and install a Linux kernel upon which I will use android to build apps that will serve my purposes. This thing doesn't have a built in camera, but it does have a USB port, so a hub could be built that would allow a CCD camera to be integrated into the kernel, as well as some other peripherals.
So right now that is what I have, is this blackberry, and an idea of how to make a little Linux computer, that will allow me to communicate with the computer through voice commands, and respond to me through speech synthesis. Further the WIFI capability will allow me to enable the interface to provide me with services of the web, for knowledge base and information. Additionally it will have a video interface, a multiple camera interface that will see me, but also around me, so that I can see what I see, and broadcast this as well. I am looking to build an extension of the person, not just a wearable computer, but also one that augments my own senses so that I can be more perceptive of my surroundings, and enhance my communication capabilities. Bluetooth would be useful to communicate with the computer through voice and listen to it, while at the same time, it could also interact with various other devices, such as input devices, and output devices. I also want to have functionality to add applications that can be used to perform useful functions like starting my car, not remote start, but key less start, even if it means installing either Bluetooth or RFID tags into the car to enable this. I also want to control my environment at my house with this device, either locally (Bluetooth) or remotely (WIFI and web interface).
I should also have access to my various servers. The servers will be installed in my home, in my car, and in other places I am often working or staying, in addition it should have the ability to access the resources of any public server and my vpn server through WIFI which will allow me to access all my other servers through the internet connections of those other servers. As long as I am within a WIFI location, or within the range of one of my servers I should be able to make voice calls through various VOIP type applications.
I will employ a booster antenna on my car and in local networks (like my home network) to extend my range to servers. I will also employ an external energy pack which will also include a booster antenna to further extend my networking capabilities.
I will also look at adding a projector so that I can utilize projected images of keyboards, or project video or even mirror the screen so that I can see it better than on the small screen.
I want to incorporate IR cameras to enable low light to near zero light capabilities. I also am going to look at incorporating some type of sight enhancement, which may include transparent LED screens that will allow me to have a pair of sunglasses that I can wear that will not only provide me with information but also enhanced sight through the use of multiple types of cameras, including remote cameras.
I have a lot to figure out here, but it all begins with this little blackberry curve.

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