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So I went searching for a vacuum for my work, and couldn't find what I was looking for, so I guess I will build one. I need a decent cordless vacuum, a tool box, a HEPA filter, and some other minor stuff, like a hose and some tools, and other things. In the top of the tool box I will install the vacuum cleaner after I have stripped it down of all its trappings. All I need is the power supply and the vacuum itself, not all the other stuff, 'cause I am gong to install it in a plastic tool box. The tool box is a cheap basic box that I can fit the cordless vacuum and power supply into, oh and the charging circuits. The bottom of the box will just be an empty space where the hose attaches and serves as the intake. The exit should have the same size orifice, so I can also use it to blow air if I need it. The top has to be blocked off and sealed from the bottom except by a filter space where the intake air will run through from the opposite side of the box. A final HEPA filter will be used to ensure that the air coming out of the box is cleaner than the air going into, and this will also help to protect the motor from contamination. I tried looking a little bit, dam little, for plans for such a thing, but it ain't rocket science, just modding an existing tool box and cordless vacuum with some useful upgrades. The basic requirements are cordless operation, fairly powerful motor, a basic particle filter, a HEPA filter, and big ass O-ring to seal the box. Oh yea well I also need a hose, and some tools, like a tiny crevice tool for getting into tiny spaces in servers and tower cases, a brush for cleaning keyboards (like a normal crevice tool with hair), and regular reducer just to aim the suction better. Oh and a wide brush for cleaning down racks and shelves and desktops, etc...

Should not be to hard, just got to watch eBay for deals on decent cordless vacuum cleaners for real cheap.

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