Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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We have all heard about the last mile, and whatever else they want to call it, but where is it, that is what I am asking. My business is IT services, well really it is agriculture, but that is an entirely different thing, so for now suffice to say that it is IT services. To do that job, I have to have unlimited broadband connection to the web. I have that with my phone, so that is good, it allows me to work mostly mobile, but not exactly, as I can not tel-net into my computer, which I sometimes would like to do, because my computer is on a limited wireless connection. I could do with the wireless (although it is not sufficient for most of my tel-conference and web CE programs to run), if it were unlimited, but the cost of it on a monthly basis, is a bit pricey.

I used to be able to get high speed internet through Time Warner cable (roadrunner) and that was good, although it does have its problems yet. I used to live where we had the choice of fiber (Verizon FiOS), top speed cable (Roadrunner MAX), and several wireless choices, at much higher speeds than what I can achieve now where the farm is. I have the choice of Satellite (which is not very broadband) or Verizon wireless, both of which are limited and neither are very fast.

This limits my IT services business, and my farm, as I can not offer to host my web site on this type of connection.

So where is the high speed that they have been promising us in the rural areas for quite some years. I have heard about it, and oh yea they are less than mile up the road from us, but there is no interest in coming the extra mile to our location. You see our road has three people on it, and including myself, two of them are farms, so that doesn't give them enough incentive to extend the lines that extra mile. I can not speak for the other two, but as I do not care about TV or phone options, all I need is the internet. This does put me at odds with my neighbors, because they only want TV, and they have land line phones, and they have satellite TV, so they see no need for internet, as they have no need for it, except email, and that can be done on dial-up.

So where is the last mile, that was supposed to be here by the year 2000, no, it was supposed to be done by 1996, just no one remembers that deadline, as it was allowed to pass without anyone noticing, or being penalized for its passing. The big companies were supposed to have the last mile done to all areas by 1996 or face hefty fines, but it was determined that it would hurt their profit margins too much, so it was determined that they could just ignore the rural areas as long as they got it out to the suburbs, which they had already, so there was no real hurry to move beyond that. I guess the theory is if you want high speed, move. Although they won't let me operate my dairy in the suburbs so now I am at a loss to figure out which one they want me to move. Do they want to allow me to have my dairy in the suburbs where I can get high speed internet, or do they want to come out that last mile and provide me with high speed where I am far enough away from the people that they can ignore the source of their food.

I will have to contact the political leaders and see what they have to say, but I really wonder when will the broadband providers be made to pay for the not completing their part of the deal, the deal they made for paying little or no taxes, little or no fees, for basically living free, and yet they didn't do what they were asked to do to obtain these benefits, so shouldn't they be made to pay back all those taxes and fees.

Oh well who am I kidding, there is no restitution for large media giants like Time Warner, or large tel-comms like Verizon, they are above the law, as if you didn't know that already.

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