Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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This is just a little update for the 2010 year in Technology for me. First I would like to say that Android has certainly been a savior for me in terms of technology for this year. I struggled through the first part of the year with the BlackBerry 8330 World Edition, which if I was traveling to other countries might have been nice, but it lacked so much that it wasn't worth it. I can't say much about the newer models from RIM, but I am betting they are not nearly as good as the Android powered phones, and the Verizon Droid has been awesome and aggravating at the same time. One thing I would like to comment on the Droid, it really needs to be more business like, maybe the other Droids are, but the Droid 2 that I have is really leaning towards chatting and multimedia content, not exactly set up for business. I am learning about that, and working to learn how to program the Android OS so that I can modify my Droid 2 to suit my needs better, but that will take some time as my plate is already quite full of stuff to do.

I am however quite hopeful for 2011 as this promises to be a banner year for Verizon and Android. I think this will be the year of Android really coming into its own. I think that while the iPhone was nice, the fact that it really is not for business either makes it a dead race. The first platform to really get on track with business and offer some type of device that really scales for business, especially remote workers, will really punch holes in the other platforms.

The next thing I have noticed is that IT is beginning to pick up, and this next year may be even better than this year was, which will be really good. More platforms are coming into the field, and if I can get the insurance to cover the employees, I can begin to add staff and really begin to make some money. As it is I am still only one person, so I can only do so much, but if I can put together a small team of FE's I can concentrate my efforts on building business and less on actual field work. I can then also devote more time to building the real estate services aspect of DDF so I can put even more people to work in the real estate business. I think this will still be a good year for rental properties, so land lords and banking institutions will still be looking for high quality service providers. I can do this well, and provide for them a well trained staff that can get the work done quickly, quietly, and right the first time. By doing all of this I am able to focus efforts into the Farm and make Doud Dairy Farm the operation that it should be in 2011.

Technology will play a big roll in the deployment of DDF and all of its subsidiaries in 2011, and especially in the area of WiFi and mobile technologies. Smart phones will also play a big roll in the DDF plan, as they are becoming the tool of mobility that is useful now in the field, but only if they focus more on business apps. I would like to see more cloud apps on the mobile platform, especially Google apps. I use them extensively now, because the stability of the laptops and desktops is dropping as the hardware providers concentrate on smaller platforms like tablets and smart phones. This is fine with me, if they also focus some of that development on business integration with the cloud, so that I can use this technology with my work in the Google cloud.

Google will play a much bigger role in the landscape of DDF in 2011 as we begin to develop our online presence. We will be enrolling in AdWords soon, and maximizing our ability to use metrics produced by Google Web Master Tools to better target our customer base. We will begin to build the network platform as well as the dot com for our internal customers (employees and contractors) so they too will have a portal to internal operations of DDF and all its subsidiaries.

I will be boosting our at home technologies as well, bringing in new tablet PC's and a new wider area network based on 802.11N and 4G LTE from Verizon. All of this will help to boost our productivity both for our home life, a media server, and for our farm, increasing our ability to work in many areas of development and speed up the deployment of our brand through immersive marketing and comprehensive sales.

So that's a bit of the Techno notes that I wanted to get out for the 2010 Holiday season. I want to be on here a little more often, but that remains to be seen, I do have several blogs that I am trying to now get going more often, so it remains to be seen if anything comes of this. I do try to get on here and talk about stuff as often as I can, but soon I will be adding a regular audio blog as well, and that too will take from this one, but it is hoped that it will not replace this one, but augment it so that I can do more blogging while on the go, as I am usually always either on the go, or waiting to be going, such is the life of the wandering minstrel. Have a good Holiday season, and remember all those that are less fortunate than your self, and help wherever and whenever you can. Look to my other blogs for more on this and other subjects as the season goes on into the next year.

If I don't see you before then, see you next year, and be well.

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