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On Cellphone Names

I think they need to stop calling them different names.  Especially a brand like the Droid.  Instead of trying to come up with new names, just call it the Droid.  Apple did that with their Computers, and really with everything.  There isn't another iPhone, just the iPhone, only the software changes, and some minor changes to the cosmetics, etc., but it is still the iPhone.  The Attrix is the Attrix, the Droid the Droid, the Galaxy is the Galaxy, that sort of thing.  It ends the confusion.  You know what you are going to get.  With a Droid you know you are getting a slider with a qwerty keyboard, with the Attrix you are getting a virtual keyboard, but you pay a lot less, even though inside they are all the same.

Further the Droid is exclusive to the Verizon network, Attrix the AT&T network, and Galaxy to the Sprint network.  This is also irritating.  You buy a phone for the features you get with the phone, not because of the network it is hosted on, or at least that is how it should be.  It would certainly decrease the number of phones out there is handset makers made phones, and networks provided network services.

Of course that would mean that all handsets would have to be able to handle all networks, or that all networks would have to be standardized.  Either would be better, but better still would be that all handsets would accept all networks, and all networks would offer all network protocols.  Then you would buy the phone based on the features you needed, and the network based on the services they offered.

Imagine a world where network service providers competed on services not on network protocols, and handset makers made handsets, not based on network services, but on the features they provided the users. Maybe then we could get a real business phone that didn't try to be a media server, and real personal phones that didn't try to do corporate email.

These are just some thoughts about phones, and networks, and I know it won't be solved in any rationale manor.  Networks will continue to always try to beat out the competition with better handsets, and handset companies will continue to try to dominate the networks with exclusivity contracts.  The losers here are everyone, handset makers, networks, but most of all, us users who have to suffer with this the way that it is.

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