Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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This is just a little rant, so get over it.

I don’t want to learn a new programming language.  Why do we have so damn many programming languages in the first place.  I was happy with the ones I knew years ago, but no now I have to learn new ones, or new versions of old ones.  Java is not good enough, I also have learn things like C++ and the list goes on and on.

Okay, I will grant that object programming is better than the old school forms of command line programming from the late 70’s, but it does not make it any better for me.  I still have to learn the whole new system, and as soon as I do, they will come up with something new.  It does not end there either, now we have database programs that have their own languages, so just learning SQL is not enough, now you have to learn all the various versions of SQL and the scripting, that is yet more stuff to learn for each version of database.

This goes back to the idea that proprietary software is a real pain in the ass.  Microsoft has their own versions of C, SQL, and scripting, Linux uses some version of C, SQL and scripting, and for the Mac, it is yet another one.  Then throw in there all the small format systems, Android, iOS, Rim, and MS and you have a huge bunch of different languages you have to learn just to port a simple program for the basic set of devices.  Then there are the cross platform languages, like Perl, Java, Ruby, and the list goes on and on, again.

The web, what, it was supposed to be generic, not loaded with this version or that companies version of programming and languages, ah, but alas that did not turn out to be the case right from the get go.  Netscape tried to win the battle, and Microsoft as always forced their way through with deception and strong arm tactics.  Even when there was a standardization group, W3C, it did very little to help to equalize the web for developers, authors or users.  And as technology continued to progress so did the languages, not just in application, but in diversity.  Although in most cases I am a champion of diversity, in the world of programming and scripting, I would prefer a nice simple one fits all approach.  A nice open language that would work on any device, in all circumstances, and could be used to script the programs as well.

Well that will never happen, and I don’t hold out hope that any time soon will we see even a standardization in platforms even at the most basic level.  Instruction set calls, and memory calls, and ways of routing traffic continue to change, and programming will have to change with the hardware to accommodate the changes in the ways that we humans interact with our hardware.  Maybe someday the machines themselves will learn to adapt, and we will be able to have a simple scripting language based in natural language, but that time is not now, or in the foreseeable future.  I long for the time when anyone can just say “computer do this” and it will build the programming and scripting around the request to get that done.  That will be a good day, and a bad day, for it will obsolete people like me, that although I dislike learning a new language every 6 months or so, I do, because others will not.

Besides what else do I have to do, it is not like I have anything else to do, except bitch about having to do it, but that is half the fun of this, since I have to learn it, I get to bitch about having to learn it.

Anyway, I feel better, now off to learn a new version of scripting, and to you all, have a nice day, not learning.  And when you want your database or computer to do something it won’t do, just call, and I will turn your “Computer do this” request into nice little container of script and your computer or database will do that, and you can say thank you.

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