Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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Okay, so here we go, I am downloading the latest release of Windows 8.  Actually I am downloading two of the latest versions, one the 32 bit version for a netbook, and the second is a 64 bit version for my desktop.  I will be running both version to evaluate them
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I will also be running a triple boot system soon.  Once I have purchased the new SSD drive for the desktop, I will be moving my OS to the SSD drive, and partitioning the current HDD for data and Windows XP professional (which is what I currently run).  I will also be adding in a third drive, which will be a new version of Linux (most likely Debian, probably Ubuntu).

So the basic setup will look like this, drive 0 (the first drive) will hold Windows 8 release candidate, drive 1 (the second drive) will hold XP Ultimate Edition SP2 on partition 1 (30 GB partition) and data on partition 2 (380 +/- GB partition), and drive 2 will hold Linux in a triple partitioned drive (30 GB OS, 10 GB swap file, 200 +/- GB data).  This will allow me to evaluate the two newer versions of OS Windows 8 and Linux, side by side, while at the same time ensure that I have a working XP version that will be available if it is needed for things that do not run on Windows 8.

I will also be evaluating Microsoft Office 2010 on both Windows OS ports.  I will also be evaluating Google Drive for Windows, and for Linux.  I will also be evaluating various other open source productivity suites for Linux.  Lastly, I will be running the latest versions of WAMP and LAMP on all prospective OS versions.

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Finally I will be running Sims 3 with all additional modules at highest settings, Skyrim heavily modded and all DLC at highest settings (including lighting and weather mods), Fallout New Vegas heavily modded, all DLC at highest settings, and Assassins Creed III at highest settings.

I will of course be upgrading a few things in the desktop, such as the SSD drive, and doubling my available ram from 4GB to 8GB, as well as adding some cooling for better performance under heavy use.  I will also be adding a camera and new mouse once I can get the money for that as well, and will be adding some audio and video editing software, mostly on the Linux, but I will maybe try some open source software on the Windows 8 evaluation as well.

Eventually I will be getting a mic mixer so I can mix multiple mic feeds, but that is sometime down the road.

All of this will be recorded and posted to my techoquest blog with cross post to my usual blog, so progress and results will be easily found.  The end results will be that I will have a better idea of how all this software will work in a real use case, and will be able to provide my clients with better service, as I will have learned how to optimize each type of software, OS, productivity suites, servers, and connectivity programs (which include browsers), for a particular user's use of their systems.  I will also learn what type of hardware can run what, and be better able to advise my clients on what they will need to connect their systems together for the best possible productivity and efficiency for their needs.

Of course I will be evaluating the web browsers, and that means all of them, mostly.  I will be using IE 7-10 on various OS ports, as well as the latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox.  I will also be evaluating some others, such as Opera, and the W3C compliant browsers and authoring tools.  I will also be posting some stuff up on the web on different web host, evaluating their capabilities as well.  So over the course of the next two months I will be evaluating a lot of systems and software, and posting the results.  I hope this will help others see what is available, what can be done, and how they too may use my work to learn what works best for them.

I will apply this newly gained knowledge when I work with my current and future clients, helping them  to achieve the integration they need to make work less arduous and fun more fun.

I don’t play many FPS games, or I would evaluate them, but unless you play them, it is kind of useless to try to evaluate them, so don’t even ask.  However if someone does play these types of system punishing games and would like to use my research to set up their systems and test them against the setups, I am more than willing to share my data, if you will also share your test results back (tit-for-tat).

I also will be including a link to some wish list, that I would like to fulfill, so I can test new systems in addition to the ones I currently have.  If anyone would like to see me test a particular system setup, please just comment about the system, and I will see if I can set up something of a test suite that will be a real test for that system.  I can’t test every system, but I can test the ones I have or acquire in real world use cases, and provide that data and the results so others can see how that compares.  Contact information will be provided if you want to contribute in any way to this project.  Thank you for your consideration and for reading, I truly appreciate it.  

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