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I was looking to upgrade my Atrix, its time has come. But, hold on there, first I have heard of the X-phone, but didn't put much stock in it until recently. At a stockholders meeting, Larry Page hinted at the problems of mobile devices that may have indicated that they are planning on fixing them with the release of their own phone. There has been no confirmation, but there is enough evidence that it likely will be released in May, and on sale at Google Play by late June, or early July.

So with this potential news coming out, how could I possibly consider buying the Galaxy 4. Especially when the Galaxy 5 is sure to come out this summer even if the X-phone does not. I am hoping for the X-phone from Google, running Key Lime Pie. If I am going to spend the money on a new phone, it might as well be the latest and greatest, so it might actually last more than a year.

The Atrix is a good phone, and I wouldn’t be ashamed to continue to use it, or pass it on to another user (especially if they never have had a smartphone), but it is definitely time to move to a Google phone, with no strings attached.

Being a former Verizon and then AT&T customer, I have recently (this year actually, since my contract ran out) gone over to the pay as you go no contract route. The unlimited plans that ride on the networks that I had been using anyway for ⅓ the cost, how could that be a bad thing. The thing is not to get caught in a contract in the first place. The Galaxy Nexus phone is $300.00 on Google Play, with no contract, and unlocked. I can slip my no contract unlimited sim card into it, and there we go, 4G service I usually get, for ⅓ the cost, and on the most advanced phone available.

What could be better, only one thing could make this deal better. A Google made phone, based on the reliability and ruggedness of the Motorola platform. Didn't Google just buy the Motorola Mobility platform, and their backlog of phones has run out, what does that mean. I don't know, but I sure am anxiously waiting to see.


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