Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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So, yea, I have decided that I just do not get all this social network crap, and how it should be used.   So I will use it the way I want to and to hell with all the backwash.  I am brave, I can drink that soda that my granddaughter just gave me, 'cause she is sharing it, and not even think about the stuffy nose I just wiped not five minutes ago.  My mom was tough, she would have done it with a smile, and a kind thank you for sharing, so yea I can do it too.

I keep thinking about all this sharing, and wonder is it really what social networking is about.  I can definitely see a potential for the social network, but I think it blurs the lines of what is really legal sometimes.  If I am sharing illegal activity on a social network publically, does that mean the same as public display of an illegal act.  I think that remains to be debated.  What about public lewdness, or something I think is funny, and maybe you don't, at the expense of a cat or something, does this really constitute an admission, just because I shared it publically.  Now if I only shared it privately, I think it is far easier to debate, there is certainly a harder line drawn there.  Anything I share privately with another person, should be private to me, but because I am using a public forum and relatively a public network, maybe there is a little grey area there, but not much.  Private is private right?  I don't think so anymore.

We meet somewhere in a public space and discuss private matters in a more or less private manner, well that is generally expected to remain relatively private.  However, the waitress over hears us discussing something that may be construed to be less than legal (I won't even go into morality here), and decides for herself that she is going to tell the authority figures that she overheard us discussing an illegal act.  Does this mean that we are in situation where hearsay has value, since we can easily deny it, and what else do they have to go on.

So, yea, I don't know, what is private if it is all public, and what is the expectation of the individuals versus the community, especially in reference to the public space of the social network.  I think it has a lot of space to cover, and I just don't have a good answer.  That itself makes me nervous, I do not like not having a good answer, or at least a serviceable one.

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