Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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Well, so far I have run it both on Ubuntu and Windows, and I have to say that even though it was a bear to get set up on Ubuntu, it ran better.  Overall it is not a really a game I would suggest, it is buggy to say the least, and it requires such hardware, that you can run much better games on the desktop that will work better and provide just as much if not more entertainment.  I would like it to be better, and more fun, but it lags so badly that it isn’t worth the effort, even at really low graphics levels it lags.  I have fairly high speed Road Runner, although I am sure that adds to the lag, but if it won’t work here, it won’t work anywhere is my theory.  If I have to have a super computer and T3 line to play a game, it isn’t worth the time and effort to play it.

I will give you that I have a really bad operating Windows box, even though I just re-did the OS it is still very slow in responding.  I have a relatively lightweight graphics card, a HD5450, which is certainly not cutting edge.  I have a choked processor, a core duo 2.3GHz Intel, running a little hot with the stock cooler working a little wonky sometimes.  My power supply is a 450 watt no name brand with a noisy fan and I think it is about to eat it anyway.  My drives are Maxtor 500GB at 100 SATA , and a Seagate 160GB also at 100 SATA, making them quite slow and chunky at best.  As it is I also have to be careful what I load as they are both quite near the tipping point of full.  Still my thoughts on this is if I can’t play the games with a computer that is less than ideal for the game, then I guess the game developers need to clean up their code.

I am still searching for a game that will play well on this computer, even though I am also working to build a new one, that I am sure will do better, but really should I have to.  I expect that Skyrim and other games such as that will be a little difficult on my rig, but an online game like Scarlet Blade should play well, if it is to be played by lots of people on laptops and less than ideal network connections.  So for now, SB is on the back burner, maybe I will look at it again once I have put my new computer through its paces with such things as Skyrim, and Fallout 4, but that remains to be seen.   I am waiting on some things yet, and as usual no matter what I do, it will never be at the bleeding edge, because the bleeding edge is moving faster than the speed of shipping.

If you have a fairly strong computer, and 50MB FIOS or RR like they do in the city, maybe SB would be a game worth taking for a stroll.  The story seemed alright, and the eye candy factor is really high for teenage boys (and maybe some girls), but overall it is really just a display of lots of breast and a basic adventure shooter that is far too heavy handed for its own good.  Like I said I will revisit it once I get a better rig, and see if they have made any improvements in it to make it more worthwhile to play, but that is difficult to predict, and I doubt they will go far before it just becomes eye candy and nothing more.

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