Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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Well today is internet day, again, if it goes well.  By noonish, we should have internet access, at least that is the theory so far.  Again I am hoping he will install a new box, and new wire into the house, or I will, as long as he can get me tone at the box I can handle the rest of the install.

I have got to chase the wire back to the box in the kitchen anyways, so it really does not matter.  The best bet is to go along the trailer, and follow through the hole for the antenna wire, and drop down from there to behind the TV and put the box on the wall beside the TV.  That is where the wireless will go anyways, at least until we build the new house, then the TV will be wired into the hub, and will be used as an AP for the wireless network, in addition to the Buffalo wireless router.

I am still back and forth on the computer issue.  I may build a desktop, or I may just get a really powerful laptop and build a nice dock.  The more I think about things, the more I like the idea of a powerful laptop and a really nice docking area as being the best solution.

Maybe I will still build a server for the house services, but that will be a different thing all together.  A decent wireless setup for the TV, Arleta's laptop, Arleta's phone (the new one), and my laptop with my bigger screen, and a really nice Cherry switch keyboard, (I already have a pretty nice mouse), plus a drawing tablet for Arleta (most likely a tablet computer with pen), and we should be all set.  I will definitely forgo the touch screen (and Windows 8) for more power and bigger ram/drive capacity.

Of course if I decide to work as a remote tech, that means getting the desktop, and all the various additions as listed on  I do not foresee that happening, as it restricts my ability to write, which is really what I want to do.

Written on Tuesday, August 26, 2014, with very little editing.  There are two notes, the Verizon tech did install a new box, but we used the line I had chased from the kitchen, and I will move the modem at some later time.  The modem is already wireless so I did not need the Buffalo router, for now.  I have settled that I will purchase a laptop.  The internet was installed around 3:00 pm, but at least it is now installed so I can now post all these past updates.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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