Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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Okay, this is not a review as yet, as I just got this thing, but it is a first impression of the Verizon Elipsis 7.
 Right off the bat I can tell you that for doing the things I need to do on the web, it works.  Most of all it works with my blue tooth keyboard and mouse (by Motorolla), which almost makes it bearable.

Just as I said that it lost connection to the keyboard, but got it back, so I will not fault it yet for that, my Atrix was worse, which is what the keyboard and mouse were designed for.

So, yea, this is just a little quick post to say, hey I got this thing today, and I will be checking it out for a while, and then I will give my true review.

That is all, signing off;

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