Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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So after a fairly exhaustive search over a period of several days, I have concluded that YES I can do
Picture of our Toshiba Satellite laptop
Our TS Laptop
video on our Toshiba Satellite laptop, but it will be painfully slow at rendering the video at High Definition.  Therefore we will most likely only render to Standard Definition for a while.

That said we will still be able to record the video in HD on the phone or the laptop webcam, although it will only be for short videos.  This too is fine, as for right now we are most likely better off making some short videos and moving on from there to longer videos when we have some under our belt, so to speak.

The future of our videos is that we will build a desktop to render HD video.  We will also look to obtain a HD camcorder and lanier mics to improve our video and audio quality.  So, yes, if you have ever read any of my blogs previous about video productions we were planning to make, yes we are back to square one, making SD videos for now, with the laptop and phone for remote camera, but also we are going to build a desktop computer for rendering HD video and audio for the future of making videos with a HD camcorder and external mics.

So that is it, just a little bit about what is up with our techno progress.  Thanks for tuning in, and please come back and check out our progress.  In the near future there will be links to any videos we have made that pertain to techno-shizzy, and we will also put up links to our YouTube channel.

Still working on this stuff.  You will note that we do not have a custom template yet, that is in the works, as is many other improvements.  Still we appreciate any comments and follows we get, and will hopefully be able to do the same for others someday, when we figure out this stuff.

Peace and good day, love the rain.

Well after a long day of work, I am unable to post the link to the wishlist for the video computer that we would build.  So I guess I will publish this as it is and go to bed.  Good night all.

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