Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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Welcome to New Vegas, Enjoy your stay, and remember that which dies here, well it doesn't always stay dead.

So yesterday I downloaded FallOut New Vegas, because Steam had it on sale for $2.99, how could I pass it up.  I had the pirated copy, but I am done with that, as I said before with Skyrim, I wanted to try it before I bought it.  Of course this was all before Steam became a viable source for games, and now as long as you do not mind waiting until it goes on sale at like 80% off, you can really get some good games for really awesome prices.  Thank you Steam and Valve Corp for letting me go legit, at least as far as games go.  Now if only the music and movie companies could get that, right, whatever.

So yea, I got the game, it finished downloading and I played a couple of minutes of it before I went to my favorite resource for modding, Gopher.  I watched his videos on modding FONV and although I did not take all his advice I did mod the UI and lighting.  I will not really mod this game as much as I did the last one, because I am just looking for the experience of playing without the need for too much other that lighting and weather to add a little realism.  Oh and I did get Project Nevada, because it makes it even more edgy to try to survive.  Lastly I am going to be switching from playing on normal to playing on Very Hard.  I am also going to get the Ranger Pack, because I like what it has, but other than that, I am going to play it as if I had to live it.  I also might get some survival gear, tents and lights and such, but that is about it.

So after loading the mods I started out from Goodsprings on my way to Prim.  I was going to stick to the roads.  I did inquire about the whole mess that Goodsprings was having with the Powder Gangers, but decided that I just wasn't interested in that right now.  I might go back later after finding out some more about this guy that shot me from the NCR at Prim.  Oh yea, didn't I say I had already played this, I know what is going to happen, but I am going to play it slow, like I am Skyrim, so though I know what I am going to run into for the most part, I do not remember all the details, so it will still be interesting.  I do not have the DLC's for this, and if I get them, I will add them later.

Well I did play this for a bit, and I was just on my way to Prim, when the lighting and weather mod kicked in.  It is now 10:30 pm game time, I am in just past the PG outpost on the road to Prim, and it is pitch dark and I have no flashlight.  Thankfully for the storm there were a few moments of light from the lighting strikes that allowed me to get to the billboard and hide hunched down, holding my varmint rifle waiting for something to come out of the darkness and attack me.

Here I am hiding like a little boy, in pitch darkness, I have a cigarette but no matches, a bottle of dirty water, and nothing good to eat, and ten bullets for my only weapon, basically a pop-gun.  I do not even have a knife.  I am crouched down there, thinking, can I make it until daylight, but it is only 10:30, I still have 5 hours before the sun peeks over the horizon.  Will I survive my first night back in the land of the living?

JD (aka: Stanley Johnson)

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