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Installing Software...

This is almost 2015, so at this point with the average user no longer actually reading anything pertaining to the installation of their software, and if they did read it, most of them would not install it as the license agreements and other legal bs is pretty scary to someone who doesn't have a degree in jurisprudence.  That said, why is the software at this point still asking me ridiculous questions like do I agree with their agreement, because if I do not, the installer will not install.  Or for that mater where on earth the dam program will be put, like I know where the hell it is even if it tells me.  What is C:/Drive anyways?

I think it is about time that the companies that put out this software get with the program, so to speak, and stop asking stupid redundant questions that I do not really know the answer to, and stop wasting my time with having to go through a rather arduous process (antiquated as well) and just install the program in the background.

When I download a program, install it, in the normal spot wherever that is, and add shortcuts to the normal spots if that is what I usually do, and just tell me when it is done.  Better still do not even tell me when it is done, just start the dam program, and then when you do be respectful of any other programs I might be using at the moment, do not take focus away from that which I am doing, just because you think what you are doing is important.  You are wrong, what I am doing right now is what is important, so when I get done doing what I am doing I will get back to your program, I haven't forgotten about it, or I wouldn't have downloaded it in the first place.  Another thing, do not ask me the really stupid questions like do I want to update the program, just update it, but let me continue to work on the program and when I done using the program, finish the update without bothering me, and the next time I use it, just use the new version, without making me wait for an update, although it might be nice to put a little banner across the top near the tool bar or something similar that this is a new version, and have that banner automatically disappear in a minute or two.

Is any of this getting through, at this point in the user computer competition, I think the humans should be winning, while the computer stops trying to be the center of attention.  I do not use programs to be awed by its prowness, but to be able to use the computer like a tool, like a hammer, I know what I want to do, and I do not want to have to input data about the nail just to hammer it in.

Just some thoughts from a technician that has to help the average user navigate the average computer install, and having them ask me for the thousandth time, is this program safe, and should I install it into the C:/Drive.  Really, program companies just get on with it.  Do not use bad practices, and just make good programs that users can rely on, and stop scaring the user with installs and updates that require a tech call.  Now do not get me wrong I get paid for each of those calls, but really, wouldn't it just be better if the user didn't know what was happening to their computer, tablet, phone, since they actually do not know what is going on, and try as I might, I can not really get them to understand, so I just have to tell them to ignore all that stuff, and that makes them nervous, and makes me look like an asshole who just thinks they are too dumb to understand, which they really are not, but the time to get them to understand, exceeds their attention span and interest.

Thank you and yes I know you do not care, it is all political anyway, right.

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