Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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Before I get into this I want to mention that there are a lot of links in this one, because there are a lot of things I am talking about that I think need linking, so you can find out more about it.  Please read through and ignore the links if you want, but feel free to check stuff out along the way.  If you are like me you open the links in a new tab behind the one you are reading so you can let the page load and also so you can check it out later after you have read what was here to read, but that is just me.

So yea, I added some mods, so I guess I am no longer playing the "vanilla" version of Skyrim, still, no DLC's except the HD pack.  The mods I have loaded so far have been SkyUI, because the default UI is just horrible, of course I also loaded SKSE (which is not a mod really but a script engine), the Unofficial Patches for Skyrim and the HD Pack patch (because even Bethesda's patches need patching), and then a few other mods which I will get into in a minute.  I figure the UI and script engine and patches to be essential mods, but that is all that is essential really, the rest is all just for fun.

Horses in Skyrim are pretty, and pretty damn useless, even with the improved horses in the DLC's. Convenient Horses mod, because for me that fixes most of the issues, and at least makes the horses in Skyrim playable, not realistic, but playable.
 However I do not agree that the horses are not lore friendly, so I did not change the look of the horses, although they could use some variety.  Horses of the middle ages, and used in the way that these horses are used, mostly for work, would have been shorter and stockier than todays horses, even the draft horses today, because they are rarely needed to pull large loads, or have riders in full armor.  I think that if anyone wanted to change the horses in Skyrim, they would include ponies, because if you are using light armor, stealth, or anything like that, the more likely animal you would choose would be a pit pony, or a dartmoor pony.  That and the ability to teach your horse new tricks, like to sneak, they can do it, I have seen them, it just takes time and patients to make them do it.  That is something that is severely lacking in Skyrim, time and patients.  Ah, but it is just a game, and in my first three or four playthroughs, that is exactly how it felt, just get to the end already.  So, I installed the

Obviously Skyrim is not realistic, but why shouldn't it be at least simulated realism, why not, it could be, the modding community has proven that it is mostly possible.  There are issues, but I will address them later, for now, on with the mods.

So to add to the feel of Skyrim, I installed some "feeling" mods, as I am going to call them.  These do not really make Skyrim real, they just add to the feeling that it could be real, or more real anyways.  My favorite "feeling" mod is Frostfall, because it at least adds penalties for the cold that is supposed Nexus boards, or any boards for that matter, although I am reconsidering that position, but if I were I would definitely be interested in this mods discussion thread.  While I won't go into what it does exactly, it is a great mod for adding feeling to the frozen wasteland that is Skyrim, and the author should be commended for it.  What I am going to say about it is that this mod, actually Skyrim does not take into account the realism of what people wore in clothes in this age, or in this climate.  For one thing they wore layers, lots of them.  Woman did not wear underwear, they might have worn bloomers, if they were high class, but for the most part, with the exception of their period, they wore just a shift.  However they wore the shift all the time, not the same one, but always a shift, it was the first layer.  There were no bras or bikinis either, makes you wonder if they did any research on the period for clothing at all.  Even if they wore armour, they would have at least worn a shift, and most likely a kirtel over that under their armour.  If they did wear anything other than armour it was a corset, usually under their kirtel.  They would have likely worn at least two more layers of undergarments under their kirtel in Skyrim, or at least anywhere north of Riverwood.  The shift would have been linen, the next layer would have been wool, and the kirtel would have been wool as well, unless they were higher class and then they would have worn perhaps fine linen, better wool, or even on occasion silk.  Almost any warrior worth a dam would have at least a silk undershirt, because it not only protected the warrior from the armour, but also would help to seal the wound if the armour was pierced.  They would not have had cotton as we know it here today, as that was new world material, but there were some wild cotton type materials, so with the tundra cotton in the game, it would have been possible to spin that into a insulating layer, but it would not have been used in garments as it was too weak.  We do not put our clothes through their paces the way they did, so our cotton clothes are fine, but they would not last long in their world.
to be Skyrim.  There are problems with it, but it is definitely improving, and I hope that most of the issues get worked out, if they can be.  I am not active on the

There were other materials they might have used for insulation, quilted into their outer clothing, like duck or goose down, or any bird for that matter.  In fact they would have used a padded under layer under their armour, just to protect themselves from the armour, even light armour for the most part.  I am sorry I went way into that, and lost track of where I was even headed.  What I was trying to get at was that since Bethesda did not include enough slots on the body to include all the layers, Frostfall needs to make concession for them as if they were there, or at least allow that option.  I like the mod, but it does not account for the way people of this land would have dressed, and the materials they would have worn.  I really wish there was a way to increase the body slots, so we could just increase the layers, and that would solve a lot of it, except Frostfall would also have to be modified to account for the new layers.

Just one more thing about armour and clothing.  Well two really, I know it is just a game, but maybe we need a mod that adds the realism that would make the game a little more realistic.  The hero does not know everything, and to make the decision to be a blacksmith would mean that being all those other things would most likely not be an option.  We could limit the trees, if you want to be a blacksmith, well forget about excelling in any arms or weapons, you will be able to progress maybe one or two levels but after that, you have to focus on smithing.  Also blacksmiths do not start out forging swords and armour, they start out making nails, and when they can make good nails, they move onto scrolls, and so on and so forth, until they are able to make their own set of forge tools, then maybe they can apply to the guild to become a journeyman, and go to other smiths and learn to make better tools, maybe a weapon, and then again, maybe they will just always make tools for farmers and better blacksmiths who do make weapons and armour.  Maybe I am making it too real, but isn't that what people who use "realism mods" are looking for.  Oh yea just one more thing, when you as a hero commission a blacksmith (or any finer smith for that matter) to make you a piece of armour, or a sword, as good as the blacksmith or swordsmith might be, it still takes time, lots of time, perhaps weeks for the best armour and weapons to be made.  For one thing you might not be their only client, and even though you are the hero, they may still have obligations to the guard and the Jarl to produce armour and swords, so you just might have to put in your order, and then come back in a week to be fitted, and then in a few days to have the final fitting before you can have that sword or armour you so desire.  You might also have to provide the materials, especially if it is rare materials, or at least some armour that is of that material so it can be refitted, maybe twice as much, so some can be smelted down to provide the needed extra material to fit it or to provide the needed materials for weapons.  Buy from a cheap vendor and get cheap weapons, so do not be surprised when your iron sword which you just got a deal on breaks when you are in the heat of the battle, just keep bludgeoning them with the remaining pieces and hope to survive long enough to extract your refund in blood.  Then go to a good smith and pay the price they ask (with a bit of haggling of course, like a couple of extra pigs if they rush the job, but do not rush the quality), and wait until they finish it completely.  Patients again is in low supply in Skyrim.

Well I was going to go into a bunch of other mods, but let me leave this here, and come back to this another day, and see what happens.  Maybe I will start making mods, hmm, that doesn't really sound like to bad an idea, I wonder if Gopher or Chesko might help me with some lessons in making complex mods.

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