Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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I really was not sure where to put this post, as it is only slightly related to technology, and it is really just an opinion post, but here it is, as it is, for whatever reason.

I purchased Skyrim a week or so ago, because Steam had it on sale.  Now I have played Skyrim in the past, and beat it once or three times maybe, but that was the pirate version.  I no longer have that version, my computer that had it crashed, and well, I have not replaced that computer with one that would get the data off the drive.  Anyways I wanted to purchase the Steam version, only because I got the game to try it out, but I always intended on buying it, once I played it.

So, yea, now I have an official copy.  Just Skyrim, not the DLC's, I will have to wait until I can afford them to get them, still, the basic game is all I need right now anyway.  I played for about 2 hours before I was like, I have to mod this game.  So mod it I did, nothing real big, just a few things, like convenient horses, pure water, pure weather, and a few other things like iHUD, and such.  I just wanted to have a better interface and some more realistic nights, that sort of thing, and the horses in the vanilla game are useless.  So I added a few mods, and I expect to add a few more, but I will keep it rather low this time, nothing to huge.  I just want a good game experience.

When I first started playing it was okay, but it just seemed not right, because I was used to the modded nights and that sort of thing.  The interface was horrible as I remember it, so that had to be changed, and then the rest is just immersion, like Frostfall.  This time I am playing it slow, looking for a real RPG type of play through.

So I really started playing just today, this morning, now that I have my basic mods all installed, and I am really glad I did install them.  The look of the game is still a little blocky, but I might fix that today.  The point is I just finished the Bleak Falls Barrow quest and while it took me forever, because I kept running out with my pockets full of loot and had to sell it all, the point is I survived, and completed the quest in a fashion that made it more enjoyable to me.

Because I am taking my time, and going slowly, using stealth and bow when I can, and dual wielding axes when I am close quarters, it seems to be working quite well.  I am only a level one and yet I was still able to complete the quest well, and get just as much excitement out of it.  Even though I sort of know what is around the corner, I still feel a little apprehensive about rushing in to danger.  What really surprised me is that even though I knew how the dragon priest would react, I was still cautious, and still ran out, trying to get a arrow in him before I ran out of the room with my heart racing.

Yea I know it is just a game, and I saved just before walking into the room, so if I did get killed I would not have to start all over again, but yet I had to work hard to keep my breathing even as I approached the dragon priest battle.  I felt a great sense of satisfaction when I beat him, and as I walked around looting the place, getting my spoils of the battle, I could still feel my heart racing a little, as I was trying to calm down.  In other playthroughs I did not notice that as much, because I was busy trying to beat the game.  Now I do not care if I beat the game, I just am trying to survive the game.

So maybe this is not really about technology per se, but it is about a game, that if you play, you will probably find it as entertaining as I do, or maybe not.

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