Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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I am still searching for a video camera, so I can make videos for YouTube, because that is apparently where everyone is posting their videos.  Videos seem to be the new medium of communication now, as reading web logs, and well reading seems to have lost favor with all but the luddites, who only read paper books anyways.  When people now days do read, it is with their tablet reader, and that is really a minor step away from the integrated glass or wearable computer of some type.

I wonder how long before they just get implants at birth.  Maybe they already have, at this point in nanotechnology, what they tell us is possible is a far distance from what is experimentally possible in some faraway government lab.  I have read (yea I actually read) about the technology that MIT and other universities have developed.  I have also read about people volunteering to be chipped because they want to be integrated into their smart house and smart car.  We are a ways away from cybergenics, but not so far that it is out of the realm of possible far too soon.  However this has nothing to do with videos, so I will try to get back to that.

As I was saying, I have come to the conclusion that video is the medium of communication of choice, as web logs might have been five or ten years ago.  Now there still are quite a few very popular web logs that exist, with great readership, but those are the exceptions, not the norm.  I still write about three to four blogs a month, sometimes more, on two or three different web logs, because I am a writer, a reader, and although I watch my share of videos, I actually prefer to read, imagine that.  Now I am sure there are plenty of people that still read blogs, and also lots of people that still use the forums (a really old form of text communication), but they are definitely becoming the backdrop to the video.

What videos seem to do the best?  Well as far as I can see it is the exact same stuff that did well on blogs, only it is a video log.  How to's always play well, as long as the information is presented well, and is not just regurgitation of the same stuff over and over.  Another vlog that seems to do well is the here is my life, or at least here is the highlights of my life, please watch me implode.  Well that was a bit dramatic, but you get the idea, apparently we are all voyeurs by nature, and can think of nothing more entertaining than watching someone else live their life.  Makes you wonder how pathetic everyone thinks their lives are that they find watching someone else live is better than living their own lives.  Hey, whatever, I watch a lot of those videos too, because some of them are good for learning, depending on who you are watching.

Game videos, these seem to do well, but I think it is done to death, or maybe not, or twitch would not be viable.  It would also mean that such sites as Steam would not be considering live streaming either, so apparently we have not reached the saturation point of watching other people epically fail.

While the epic fail video seemed to be a big thing a few short years ago, we are now looking for success in our videos, and heros are even better.  So the videos that demonstrate that we are successful and show how we achieve that success are now on the rise, while failure videos seem to be failing to deliver the numbers they once did.

So knowing this, and understanding that it is not who you are but what you do that appears to be meaningful to video viewers, I have come to the conclusion that I must start making videos as well.

That decision comes with a price, and that is what I am looking at right now, the price of purchasing the video equipment to make Youtube videos.  Besides the video camera I need tripods and monopods, to stabilize the video camera.  I also would like a lanier mic, because I have seen that it makes a big difference if you are mic'd rather than using the on board mic of the camera.  Then there is the laptop, which is all I have to process video.  I need to double the ram, it currently only has 4GB of shared ram (AMD A6 processor), and I need a minimum of 8GB to really render video well.  I also need an external data drive for holding raw footage.  I made the decision to go with external storage because I can expand it easier that way.  I have a decent amount of internal storage, but it is slow, so switching to a new SSD HD on the laptop might not be a bad idea, but certainly not an issue at the moment.  USB 3.0 external HD with at least two bays would be idea, four would be better (for raid reasons) but a dual drive system would allow me to ensure that I have double backup of my raw footage.

Well that is about it for my wish list, such as it is, and when I can I will purchase the items to make videos, and then I will post the links here to those videos, including my reviews of the equipment I will be using.


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