Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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I do not know why I particularly dislike Caesar's Legion, in FallOut New Vegas, but for some reason they just rub me the wrong way.  So Yea, when I happened upon them in Nippon, I shot them, without even giving them the chance to talk to me.  This broke a quest. but I do not care about that, I did receive good karma for killing them, so you can tell which way the game mechanics lean.

I do not particularly like the NCR either, but they are like so many choices, the lessor of two evils so to speak.  I also do not have to do any quest for the NCR.  I did pick up the quest for Ghost at the Mojave Outpost, only because I sort of like her, but that is all.

I have played through this, and my objective is to just get Benny and settle that debt.  I do not really care about all the side quest.  Once I have shot Benny, I will be satisfied, and will just do something else, not sure what.

That is a problem with all these games, once you have achieved a certain goal, you are left with nothing more to do.  The world is not persistent, so you can not just set up a home and shop some where, and just go about your business like in a online game.  Even in an online game, or persistent world, when real life intervenes, you have to leave the game.  If it were a truly persistent world, you would close up your shop, go into your house, and lock the doors, and hope no one robbed you blind while you were gone.

Come to think of it, that would make online gaming extremely social, now wouldn't it.  You would have to form social groups, at least tribal groups, because someone would have to watch over your body, your things, your house, while you were away, and you would have to do that for them, as well.  The only other choice would be to hide in some dark cave, alone, and sleep until you could come back to the game.

What happens to my person in an online game, like Rift?  When I leave, does she just stand there, when I sign out of the server, or does she disappear from the world.  That would have to be a very weird world where people keep popping in and out of existence.  I guess that is no stranger than the world in which they exist in the first place.

At least New Vegas is a place, it exist, so if it is just an alternative existence that may or may not be, so be it.  Like the Matrix, how do you know you are in the matrix unless you get out?  If some smart company makes a virtual world that is so persistent that you have to hire guards, or form social structures to protect you virtual assets, we could see a dramatic shift in the real world, if the real world is really real at all.

I would venture that we are flesh and blood, and we can be killed, but the argument can be made that the gamers who rule our world, do not see it that way.  The same as we kill people in New Vegas and suffer no real world consequences, those that are playing with our lives, if that is what is, are as detached from our world as we are from the worlds of games we play.

I believe that I make my own decisions, but if you let a character sandbox while you are doing something in the real world, they could appear to make their own decisions as well.  It may be that we have a very sophisticated sand box algorithm that we do not realize we are being directed.  There are times I am uncertain, but most times I am pretty certain I make my own mistakes.

Still when I think of New Vegas, and I think about how difficult it is to get to Novac from Nippon, at least playing on the hardest level with almost no water, and nearly no food, I realize that at best, I am getting entertainment out of it, but at worst, I am mimicking the gods, and changing the micro world that could or could not exist in some other dimension.

Now I just wish I had a camp fire somewhere, so I could at least cook all this dog meat, and maybe a little water, because it is harder than hell to hold this sniper riffle steady when you are dying of thirst and you haven't eaten anything but raw dog meat and cram for two days.


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