Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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Now you have to ask yourself, why am I sitting here wasting three good hours on watching Skyrim videos, when I could be playing Skyrim.  Well the easy answer to that is watching Gopher play Skyrim is almost as entertaining as playing it, and not nearly as hard.

Still the reason I am watching the videos is that I want to know what this mod, Helgen Reborn, is all about, not just the basic description, but how does it play.  So my go to let's play is Gopher Vids.  
So far I have not been disappointed.

I will yet have to play this through myself and post a review, but this looks like a good little extra playable mod that will add some good playability to Skyrim.  Will post my review of it later after I have played it myself.  In the meantime, go ahead and watch Gopher play, and see it at its best.  I would post a play though myself, but apparently my laptop is not quite up to making videos of playthroughs.  Maybe the next one will be, should be.


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