Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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It seems that technology is moving forward very fast, but it still has a long ways to go.  The speed at which my laptop operates is far faster than my last desktop did, but it is still too slow to open files, and way slower than the computer I could build, were money no object.

There are other issues I have yet, with software mostly.  The helpful nature of some software is often quite frustrating to me, I would prefer that it did not try to assist me most times.  I would prefer that the program just did what I need it to do and not what it predicts I want it to do based on most likely what was the programing groups estimation of how the user would use the program.

I have to move on, this is not productive work.  The computer is a tool, and when one can not use the tool as it was intended, it is unlikely that much will be done.  I can not lay blame upon the program, or the hammer, because I the user want the software to screw to turn.  Predictive modeling is most likely the only tool in the programmers toolbox that will currently assist them in making a useful application, for the majority of users, rather than for individual users.  All software is beta, even that which is considered delta release is actually beta, in that it can not really be seen to be delta until it is no longer applicable.  As long as there is potential for additional development, it is still not a finished product.

Some many years ago I used to write code, back in the days of BASIC and Fortran, but somewhere along the way I became a hardware person, as that was where I could best apply my efforts I guess.  That is not to say that I do not understand the software and code, but that I found there were more jobs available for hardware that suited my needs, so that is where my study went.

In of it all I have no real connection to either world now, but from the perspective of a user, no longer really in the business as it were.  Still I pay attention to what is happening and sit in wonder, of how far software and hardware has gone, and yet it still has so far yet to go it seems.

Well that is my rant for today, perhaps I can go on to Skyrim tomorrow, especially how it is not possible to be a thief in Skyrim, as the mechanics are just not there, the way they were in Morrowind or in Oblivion,


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