Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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Well I got the Steam version of Tera loaded, and well it still does not impress me.  However very few of the MMO's actually do.  I think I like Path of Exile (POE), the most, only because like GTA it is something I can log onto grind for a bit and go on with my real life.  While Tera is an open world like Rift and ArcheAge, it is mostly about the social aspect of it.  I do not see any real surprise here in Tera, just another open world, quest grinding, social MMORPG.  I had played a bit of it a while before I got the Steam version, and nothing really has changed, but it does seem that it is much more populated.  This is good thing for the developers of the game, not so good for those of us that just want to play a game.

I still find myself going back to Skyrim, as it is more about playing the game, but even that is boring now.  One of the reasons is that you really can not be a thief in Skyrim, or an assassin, as there are no "other" ways into the cities.  There are a couple of mods that might help, but it was never built in like it was to Oblivion.  Oblivion was definitely the best thief version of TES, while Morrowind still has the best overall experience.  Skyrim is about the main quest, everything is driven by the main quest, and there is little else that one can do around it.  You can do the Mage quest, the thief quest, the assassin quest, the companion (fighters guild) quest, but they are all primed for the main quest, and revolve around it.  The civil war is a non starter, it goes no where, and no matter which side you choose, it is a lose lose situation.  Not a bad effort, but not a great effort, and only the mods make it even remotely playable at all, so not the best showing from the developer.

So far I have not been able to get FONV to be stable enough to play it for very long, but even that has its grind.  I have yet to find a game that matches GTA SA for its playability and just general fun.

Civilization has some good playability, but it lends itself to a marathon run, to get to the end, and then not play it for a year or two.

I really like the idea of the MMO, and I really think that is where computer games are headed.  I do not play console games, so I can not speak for them.  I think they have made strides, and it is really just a matter of time before the new breed of MMO really comes out.  I want to play around with Black Desert, it looks like a good one, but I will wait to see if they ever release it in the US before.  I am not that desperate for games that I need to try to learn a new language just to play a game.

I am still playing Skyrim, and it is still enjoyable, for the most part.  I am still playing the other games, especially POE, and they still provide some entertainment so I continue to play with them to some degree.  I can not say what is the best MMO out there, I do not play FPS games so there might be one of them that are really good.  I can only say that for now, the MMO world is good, but not great, and I think it will take a few more generations, and some pretty impressive new graphics engines to really make that leap.  We will have to see what happens with the work being done in the holographic computing.  When that starts to grab traction, maybe there will be something different to play with.  I still do not think I will be all that thrilled with the social aspects of the games, the other gamers just do not interest me.

Here is my issue with the social aspect, one I do not have a good headset, and I have not seen a great app for team play.  Two I am not a great team player, never have been.  Lastly, I really can not find anyone I can hold a conversation with for longer than minute and a half before they just bore me.  It is not like I find that with any other social application on the web.  All the social apps, FB, G+, and all the rest are interesting for a brief second, but beyond promotion of my blogs, they are rather useless to me.  Even when I have tried to have a conversation with old friends of mine on FB, I can not find interest anymore.  Of course I am not really a good social candidate in real life either so that might be part of it.  So adding a social aspect to the game really is no benefit to me, and I really do not do the PvP aspect, as that is really just a form of FPS, and I do not play FPS games.

Hope you all enjoy your games, and hope you find new ones that will suit you.  If you have any favorite games that you like to play, go ahead and post a comment below, who knows maybe I will check them out.  You might even see me there, or you might not, we will see.


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