Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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You can not be a successful thief in Skyrim.  There just are not the mechanics for it.  You can not steal away in the night, and sneak through doors or windows, especially windows, so getting in or out of houses is a lot harder than it should be to be a thief.  It is also too hard to get in and out of the cities.  Most cities only have one way in or out, and even Riften which has the Ratway, has no access to the outside but through a specific quest.  Skyrim is far too built around the main quest with no real play outside that main quest unless you try real hard.

Skyrim is very hero driven, the anti-hero is very hard to play, if not almost impossible.  The game itself forces you to be of mostly good nature, as it would be nearly impossible to be evil and still get in and out of places you need to get in and out of for the main quest.  If you are the kill everyone type of person, you will not last long in Skyrim.  You will certainly not be able to complete the main quest, and most of the rest of the quest would be very difficult as well.

The political struggle of Skyrim is contrived at best and not really a civil war at all.  It does not really work like a war, there are no skirmishes, there are no real battles unless you are involved.  There is no presence of war at all.  If you choose to ignore the war you can continue the main quest mostly, and not get involved in the civil war.  You will have to get into some cities that are involved in the war, but that is all.  If you do not do any of the civil war quest, you will be able to complete most of the main quest, and kill the Dragon, and that is all that is needed for the game mechanics to be satisfied of your performance.

Let us not even discuss the true evil of the assassin, as that is just ridiculous.  Though the guild is there, it is a joke compared to what it was in Morrowind, and even in Oblivion.  Never before since Morrowind has a TES game been so hero driven to be the good guy who saves the world from evil oppressor.  The truth is the dragons are hardly a threat, they are not that hard to kill once you are about level 20 or so, and if you just run out of the cities away from people and ignore the dragon, it will go away anyway.  Besides the truly evil oppressor in the game is Aldmeri Dominion, which just says something bad about the creators, generating a type of segregation that is unnecessary for the game.  Wolves are all evil, and you can not even turn that around, by being a good wood elf, and living with the wolves, you are still not able to befriend the animals in any real sense.

Still I like to play Skyrim and try to discover ways to play it that will work that are at least a little different.  Be a hunter, as this is a way to play the game and be quite successful in Skyrim, and actually make a good fortune as well.  You will not be hated by everyone, you will be able to go into and out of the cities with ease, you will be able to avoid all the conflict in the civil war and with the Aldmeri Dominion, and except for all the crap with the Dragons, and the AD for the main quest, if you even do the main quest, you will be able to live pretty much free from all the game mechanics.  You can not be a farmer, you can not be a merchant, you can not be so much that really all you can be is a hunter.  Which is fine, and it is fun, and it makes the game very playable for quite some time even after you have completed the main quest.

Sure some of you are going to say, well this just isn’t true, you can be a thief or an assassin, or anything else you want to be in Skyrim, you just have to try harder.  You all would be right, but that is not the point, it is not about can you be a thief, yes you can, but does the game lend itself to you being a thief, no it does not, not even in the slightest.  It does not lend itself to anything but beating down all the creatures seen as evil in today’s and bronze age religions as being evil.  Why are there giants in Skyrim, because they needed a big ass creature for you to beat down with your weapon of choice.  Why are there dragons, because the developers thought it would be cool to have dragons for the players to beat down with a big ass weapon.

There is not a lot of grey in Skyrim, not a lot of maybe, it is just here is a thing to kill, kill it or be killed by it.  Of course for some stuff you can Kyne's Peace it, but that is temporary and it is only good on a few immediate creatures, it does not mean you can really be a good wood elf.

Do not get me started on the economics of Skyrim, well okay I will do that in another post, because that is the most disturbing thing to me of all, the atrocious economy of the land.  I only hope that someday, if not the TES saga, that we will find a game that has a dynamic economy with a truly open world, where yes you can be thief or an assassin, but there will be consequences, if you get caught, oh wait that is just too much like real life.

I would like a mythological world populated with Gryphons and Dragons, and all manor of fey, that has real world ethics, but that does not need those ethics to be fulfilled just to complete a quest.  Maybe there could be several outcomes to the main quest, maybe there could be other ways to play right out of the box.  That would be a colossal effort on the part of the developers, but really isn’t that what they earn the money for, big efforts big reward.  Well maybe not.

I know I should be posting some screen shots of my games in here, but I have yet to figure out how to get those screen shots in here, so that will have to wait.

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