Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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Arleta (my wife) and I play a few games here and there.  She is currently playing Game of War (GOW), and I play either Path of Exile (POE) or Skyrim, usually.  There are others here and there, but those are the main ones.  We enjoy playing these games most times, and they serve their purpose of providing entertainment for us.  We do not always agree on the game issue, but that is part of the whole experience I think.

Now I need to establish that I use a laptop, which is barely adequate for the games I play, and Arleta uses her phone and a android tablet.  The current issue is that I need a new computer, one that I can use to both play the games when I want to, but also do my work, which now will include processing video.  It really is the processing of video that will be difficult on the current rig.  While this laptop is nice for video and general internet stuff, it falls short for games and video post processing.  So that is one issue that we need to solve.

I also want to help Arleta, who has way too many things going on in her game, which she plays with far more dedication than I do mine, and it has social aspects that she is involved in, so to help her out, I want to get a bunch of android tablets, so she can split out her game cities to each tablet, and be more social if she wants to.  They do not need to be hyper fast tablets, they just need wifi, and an external slot for memory.  This should be easy enough to get decent android tablets with those features and a decent processor for around $50.00 or so.  I would like to spend about $200.00 for the tablets (4 of them) and then another $100.00 I figure for memory chips.  This would give her a huge amount of space to play in and lots of social space as well.

As far as I am concerned, well I am still considering the laptop format, but the more I look into it, the more I realize that really the only solution that will work for the amount of work that I want to do, especially the video work, it would require a bunch of external drives, and that would only serve to slow the process down even more.  So I guess what I need to do is look to build a super efficient desktop computer that will allow me to not only process big video files, but also play my games a little better, though the game playing part is not nearly as important.  So I guess I will be looking to do a decent build, and I will do some videos on that, cause I might as well, since that is what I am building is a video machine that will also play games once in a while.

Look for links to my videos on the build as I make them, and I will make additional post here on the plans for the video rig and other things as they occur.


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