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Well let me tell you this is article on why I am going to get a better computer.

Really I am going to talk about my next computer build, which is really the rebuild of my current desktop, more like a refresh.  I will get to that eventually.  Right now I am going to say that eventually, if not the next build (full build), the one after that has a really a very personal reason.  That build will actually be based on one of my favorite YouTube gamer, Gopher, except my goal there will be to build a computer that will beat his.

Currently his build is rather respectable and I really could see how just by graduating to next generation hardware would surpass his relatively easily.  However I can not do that right now, it will have to wait until I get to that point, so I will have to see what he has then.

Right now I am rebuilding my old tower, so we have a computer capable of rendering video, and also so I can play a few games, and of course the most important reason, so Arleta can have her laptop back, I can write on my computer, and we can be much better for it.

So I had considered the option of buying a pre-built computer, but that just did not give us what we needed, and by the time we configured a pre-built computer to suit our needs, it would be more expensive than rebuilding the tower I currently have.

The trouble is the tower I have has some issues.  One it is only a core 2 duo chip, which is just inadequate for video rendering in any timely fashion.  Secondly it seems to have developed a heat issue on the processor that I can not solve, think it has something to do with the voltage, and might have been because I OC'd the chip, maybe just a little.  Either way, it is not stable, and just does not have the power we need to really do the things we want to do.

Still the case is fine, not exceptional, but it has lots of room in it, and will work with any ATX board pretty much on the market.  So though the case is a little ugly now, it lost part of its front pannel, and the power button got chewed off by the dogs, this can be fixed with a little solder and modding.  Otherwise I have two usable DVD drives (though they are IDE, not SATA) and enough space to put in several SATA drives, including a couple of SSD drives with some adapters.  It could use a couple of fan updates, but it does have a new power supply (purchased just before we started having problems) that will handle the Haswell generation chipset and motherboards.  It has plenty of power to provide for the chip, the drives, and a GPU as well, and even some left over.  It is fairly quiet and has a new large fan, so it won't even be much of noise maker, and a few rubber grommets would fix any vibration issues.  I also have a decent 1GB video card, and while not the best one, it is a decent one that with some fan updates, and with the new PCIE slots, it will provide adequate performance for what we need to do right now.  I also have a keyboard, mouse, and monitor (a DVI capable 23" ASUS monitor 1080P) so the basics are all covered.  So all I need now is to update the motherboard to handle a newer Haswell chip, and get enough RAM to make it work as it should.  I am also going to get a SSD drive, just one, and a rather small one for the operating system and some of the programs and games, while the data will still be kept on some of the SATA drives I already have.

So that is the plan, an new board, the ASUS Z97 Extreme6.  It has the newer Intel sockets and bridge, so it will handle the chip I am going to use.  For now, because of money we are getting the Intel i5 4590 chip, we were going to get the 4570, but for $5.00 I can get the newer and just a little faster one, so why not.  You will note it is not the K, but just the standard chip, it will not be able to be OC'd.  I am going to pair this with two sticks of G. Skill Ripjaws as a set of 8GB each for a total of 16GB of very fast (2133) memory.  I am also going to use the Cooler Master 212 EVO chip cooler, as it was rated as giving the best performance with the Haswell chips for the value.  In addition I am going to add a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD drive, for its speed and reliability ratings.

That is it for now, well that is all except the need for some party favors, like Arctic Silver 5 paste, some grommets for remounting the power supply, drives, and other vibrating parts, plus an adapter to mount the 2.5" SSD drive in a drive space meant for 3.25" standard HDD drives.

I will make a few other improvements along the way, like a MP.2 card for faster start-up of Windows 10.  Some new SATA drives in a RAID format for storage of data.  A front panel update maybe, but I might better do that when I update the case itself, which will likely be the next build, again sort of a rebuild.  Except that time it will be a new case, a new power supply, a SATA DVD/Blueray drive, and some other minor updates.  I will likely also update the video card at that time, still keeping the old one to use for some off loading of parts of the video processing done by the modeling programs I also use.  After that I am planning on upgrading the chip to an Intel i7 4790K @4.0GHz which is currently the fastest chip I can put in this board/socket combination.  Maybe there will be a faster chip with more cores then, in a year or two so that is left up to that.  This will put me just about on par with Gopher's current rig, but by then he will have most likely updated to the next generation.

My next virgin build (all new nothing from any current build) will be the Gopher killer, with the newest and most powerful chip and board combination, all new case, PS, video card(s) (the jury is still out on the multi card versus better single card debate), all SSD drives (though it will be hooked then also to a massive NAS) and even new hardware, KVM, and DDR4 quad channel memory.  I will dispense with the DVD drive, as my old computer will be used as a media server for the network, so it will need the DVD drive for such things, this next computer will use the NAS for local cloud storage, and also some sort of cloud storage on the web for backing up of data files.

Well that's the plan so far, now just to start the process.


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