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Is the Bestek 400 watt power inverter really the best tech?

We have used the Bestek for about a year now, and although we do not use it much at the moment, our RV is on shore power, it was used all day every day when we were in the van.

It failed about three times in the 9 months that we used it, and each time it was when we had asked too much of it.
Bestek 400W Power Inverter
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I know the stated wattage seems like it should be fairly powerful, but that is the peak power, not continuous power.  I would say the Bestek power inverter is good for up to about 150 watts continuous use, and perhaps 200 watts for a short time.

We initially purchased the Bestek to power our laptop while on the road.  We also used the Bestek power inverter to power a few other things.  The vacuum killed it every time after only a short time of use.  Once it cooled back down the Bestek power inverter was fine, so the safety thermal shut off works.

The Bestek 400W Power Inverter powered our laptop with ease.  The Bestek is very quiet for an inverter and even when under pretty heavy load not really much louder than the laptop we were powering with the Bestek.

We also connected it to our Schumacher Portable Power source and it worked quite well, though it really was only needed to provide additional USB ports to the Schumacher.

We see a future use for the Bestek power inverter as part of a portable solar power supply, and we think in that use case the Bestek power inverter will perform very well.

The build is very good for the price, and the price is very good for the value you receive.  If you are looking for a small compact power inverter to run a laptop, perhaps a couple of handheld devices, or to make a nice small portable power supply with, the Bestek 400W Power Inverter is a good solid choice as far as we are concerned.


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