Technological Grail Quest and some reviews too.

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I am a reader.  I am a writer.  I am not really a clicker or a drag and dropper.
Therefore I learn best by reading and then writing.  I design in my head, and using words I implement that design through words, commonly known as code.
This is what I am currently doing, learning by reading about the newest versions of the code.  I will then begin by breaking the work into parts, writing code, and then use more code to call it into being.  This is how I work.
My wife's site,, is a WordPress built site, using the twenty seventeen theme, and a child theme.  It is boring to me, not at all what it should be.  So I am gathering the code to fix that.  I am rewriting the theme.  Not just the CSS, but even the HTML, the scripting, all of it.
I am not so sure about the new way of working, but I am certain that code works every time.  First I have to load the theme on the laptop.
Back to WAMP.  It has been a few years, but I think I still remember how to configure a WAMP server.  Once I have done that, I can load WordPress.  Then I can load the theme, and then the child theme. All I want is the child theme when I'm done.
At least that is what I think for now.  Maybe I want to build a framework, this remains to be seen.  Once this done, I will take on Blogger, and see what can be done with that.
Then I will build a LAMP stack on Google cloud, load WordPress, my theme, and the few plugins I need and her site will run clean, eloquent, and beautiful, just like my wife.  Then I will be happy, because I have given her something she can use that will reflect her, not just be another site among the millions that are powered by WordPress.
If you are interested, I will be posting here about this journey, so subscribe if you would like to tag along.  Along the way I will discuss other things, like PHP, Perl, Ruby, and such things, 'cause I ain't sold on any of them yet.  WordPress is built on PHP, ok, but does it have to be?
I am liking Ruby, so maybe WordPress is not the way.  We will see if another CMS is better, or is the default the default because that is the best option, or just because that is where the current is strongest.
This is just some of the quest, the rest is TBA.

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